The Future of Waterborne Alkyd Coatings

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Alkyd coatings are used in many industrial and architectural applications due to their unique properties. Manufacturing waterborne alkyds rather than solvent-based alkyds is a growing trend. We understand that manufacturers want the good qualities of a solvent-based alkyd with no drop off in performance when converting it to a waterborne alkyd. The use of Ethox’s reactive emulsifiers can help bridge the gap in performance of your waterborne alkyd coating. Continuing with our previous newsletter theme of waterborne alkyd coatings, we have provided a free download with some of the testing and performance results that were observed with the use of our E-Sperse® RX Series reactive emulsifiers in a waterborne alkyd coating.

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The E-Sperse® RX series from Ethox are new products made from novel technology. This new technology has two beneficial attributes that are optimized for manufacturing alkyd emulsions or dispersions. The E-Sperse® RX Series are made with specific physical properties for waterborne alkyd applications. The chemical structure, HLB, and molecular weight have been optimized for alkyd emulsification and alkyd dispersion. Often the emulsions may be formed by an inversion method that does not require high shear mixing.

The E-Sperse® RX Series make stable, high solids waterborne emulsions from existing solvent-based alkyds. The RX Series products cure into the alkyd upon drying giving improved coating hardness and adhesion compared to competitive surfactants. They do not add to VOC, are APE-free, and often lower the surfactant usage rate compared to other surfactants. The RX Series products eliminate the need to design new alkyds especially for waterborne formulations.

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