How EthoFlex™ ER can lower your maintenance costs


For epoxy coatings to be effective, they need to be resistant to a wide variety of chemicals and environmental factors. Having a good additive can make an enormous difference and enhance performance. 

Have you considered how much money you are losing on maintenance costs because of poor performing epoxy coatings? 

Corrosion, lack of flexibility, adhesion problems and lack of impact resistance are some of the most common complaints. However, we have developed a product that can lower your maintenance costs and improve the performance of your epoxy coatings. 

EthoFlex™ ER is an additive for epoxy coatings that can significantly lower your costs.

 The top 10 benefits of using EthoFlex™ ER include:

  1. Better epoxy flexibility
  2. Increased corrosion resistance by 900%
  3. Higher impact resistance
  4. Better adhesion
  5. Improved gloss by 20%
  6. Improved mandrel bend
  7. Reduction in VOC when benzyl alcohol is used
  8. Extended potlife
  9. Improved cure times when MEK solvent is used
  10. Lower overall maintenance costs

In addition to all of these benefits, EthoFlex™ ER can help disperse zinc in a zinc rich primer. 

Our product is also easy to apply and use. Instead of using multiple solvents and additives, consider switching to EthoFlex™ ER to streamline your processes and simplify preparations. 

Some of the industries that will benefit from using EthoFlex™ ER include pipeline maintenance, oil refineries, metal fabricators and concrete floor manufacturers.

EthoFlex™ ER is a low-VOC product, which is another crucial feature. Many industries have a focus on lowering VOC levels, and regulations are increasing, so using an additive that adheres to strict standards is important. Our product can also allow you to use fewer and thinner application coats. 

Currently, there are no other products that offer this combination of benefits for the epoxy coating industry without affecting performance. 

EthoFlex™ ER is a unique additive that can solve many of your maintenance problems.

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Beth Lowe, Special Projects Manager at Ethox Chemicals, is one of the speakers and will be presenting at the Waterborne Symposium. 

Title of the presentation: Pigment Dispersants for Improving Color Development in Waterborne Acrylic and Styrene/Acrylic Paint

Location: Waterborne Symposium

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Date and time: Thursday, February 8 at 4:30 PM

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